5 Creative Strategies for Growing Your Online Reviews

5 Creative Strategies for Growing Your Online Reviews

A testimonial or product review can often be your strongest sales tool. An increasing number of consumers look at product reviews before deciding to make a purchase and they also purchase from a site that contains reviews and ratings.

Social approval can reassure hesitant online shoppers and also provide additional context to ensure buyers are satisfied with their purchase.

We encourage our clients to invite their customers to review the experiences they have had with their brand, so we’ve put together a short list of ways to help grow your online reviews.

Highlight your reviews

Consider placing a couple of reviews or testimonials on your homepage.

Your website’s homepage will be the first (and in some cases the last) page a potential customer visits, and the likelihood is they’re looking for specifics.

If you have a glowing customer testimonial, whether it’s about a product or their overall experience, showcase it so that potential customers can see how you’ve interacted with previous purchasers. This will help build your reputation and stay in the forefront of a consumer’s mind, especially when they may be comparing you to one of your competitors.

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Stay social and accessible

Being both social and accessible is the best way to get honest feedback from your customers. Make sure that your social media channels are easily accessible from your online store or website so your customers can reach out with questions or comments.

Link to social networks

Better yet, consider letting your customers contact you for support via social network messaging services.

5 Creative Strategies for Growing Your Online Reviews

Follow up with purchasers

Send an email to your customers after they’ve made a purchase from your website and ask them to submit a review.

You’re more likely to get a review when the purchase is fresh and still in the customer’s mind. Remember to make the process as easy as possible so that it’s less work for your customers.

5 Creative Strategies for Growing Your Online Reviews

Ask the right questions

In order to do this, you need to think about the type of answers you’re looking for before you ask them.

What is your target audience interested in? What concerns do they have when making a purchase? What difficulties did they encounter when using your website?

You could just ask them how they found the experience, but you need more insight with some of the bigger questions so that you can get meaningful and relevant reviews or testimonials.


Some business owners are afraid of public reviews because there’s always the risk of getting a negative review. Let’s be honest, the Internet is full of keyboard warriors and you can’t please everyone.

You need to accept that you’re going to get a customer that won’t be happy with their experience at some point, but that’s the nature of the beast!

How you react and deal with that negative review is more important.

Respond to all reviews, negative and positive, and thank your customer for their opinion. After all, they’ve taken time out of their day so let them know you appreciate it.

If the comments are negative, put a positive spin on the situation by apologising and perhaps offering them an incentive on their next order.

The percentage of potential customers that see you’ve handled a sensitive situation in a positive manner will appreciate a business that is responsive and cares about its customer base.

Build customer loyalty, even if you have to offer an incentive to retain their business.