Top 5 Tips for Improving Your Online Sales

Top 5 Tips for Improving Your Online Sales

Congratulations! You’ve been handed the keys to your very own online store after having it custom built for you by a reputable agency.

It’s been running smoothly for 3-6 months, and now you’re looking to boost your sales, but you’re not sure where to start.

Look no further! Use these specialist methods to improve your online store and increase your sales!

1. Inspect your site speed

Generally, customers will leave a website if it takes 3 seconds to load, though some more recent studies show this number could be even less!

With such little time to keep your users’ attention, it’s important to make sure your site loads as quickly (if not faster) than your competitors!

Check out some quick tips for improving the speed of your WordPress website.

2. Check your website security

Does your website display the almighty padlock?

Top 5 Tips for Improving Your Online Sales

If you don’t see a locked padlock near your website address, then it is not set up for secure and encrypted communication with your customers.

Trust is one of the most important aspects of running an e-commerce store. If you want your customers to trust you, you must make them feel safe and secure when browsing your store.

It may be a virtual store but the threat from cyber attacks is still very real, and that’s why search engines like Google don’t rank non-secured websites as highly.

So not only could you be damaging your reputation with your customers, but your store may be pushed down the ranks of search engine results.

On a related note, if you’re still using passwords like a1b2c3d4e5, please contact us for immediate help.

3. Make your site easier to use

You should have access to your website’s analytics tracking program. If you don’t, ask your web developer to give you access. If they never set it up for you, find a better web agency.

Using tracking software like Google Analytics means that you can see how your customers use your site, find out where they are having problems, and update your site to take any of their obstacles away.

With this software, you might discover why people are: landing on your contact page, filling out the form, and then leaving without hitting that final ‘Submit’ button.

Analysing the tracking data could tell you that perhaps:

  • the form is broken,
  • there is a required field that doesn’t need to be required,
  • the visitor can’t use the form on their mobile device

To go a step further, you might consider using Hotjar to literally record the visitor’s movements throughout the site so you can watch it back later, and see where they struggled.

4. Influential email marketing

If you consider your email marketing to be unrelated to your online store, think again! While it might be hosted on a different system, you must always consider how you can integrate your store with your email marketing to drive more traffic and sales through.

Boost your online sales

Most email marketing software allows you to connect to your store and streamline automated functionality such as:

  • Emailing customers who have abandoned their carts,
  • Sending new customer registration emails,
  • Automating customer order notifications,
  • Sending incentives to customers who haven’t used visited your site in a while, fostering customer retention.

If your online store is based on WooCommerce or Shopify, it can be fairly straightforward to integrate it with your email marketing solution. If you’re not confident setting this up yourself, contact us now so we can help.

Sending a campaign

When sending the campaigns, you should make sure that your messaging and voice is always consistent and on-brand.

Put some effort into your subject line and the email content. Always ask yourself, “Would I open this email? Would I click this link?”

5. Improve your mobile user experience

Due to the rise of mobile device popularity, search engines like Google have started to rank sites based on whether they are mobile-friendly or not.

If your customers cannot easily navigate and purchase the products on your website, you are making their lives difficult and doing them a disservice. They will get frustrated, stop using your site, and go straight to your competitor.

Your top competitors have thought about the mobile experience and made it much easier for customers to reach their goals, so why haven’t you?

If you’d like to see how your website fairs, use Google’s own Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

Top 5 Tips for Improving Your Online Sales


Anything you could do that will make your customers love interacting with you and your brand will be a huge plus for your business moving forward and will make your competitors take notice.

If you like these ideas, or need help solving your business problems, contact us now to get the conversation started.