How To Build Up Your Email List

How To Build Up Your Email List

Email marketing is a high-impact and cost-effective way of interacting with customers, both existing and potential. That being said, your email lists should be of quality rather than quantity.

If you’re more interested in getting as many people on your list as possible, there are plenty of lists out there you can purchase, however, would those people be the right people to market to?

Here are some effective ways of building up a list of qualified leads…

Offer Value

We’ve all signed up for newsletters, received a few and then unsubscribed from a list for varying reasons. The most successful email marketing strategies revolve around offering email recipients something of value. What do they get from signing up? If you’re a fashion retailer perhaps your email subscribers get to see your new arrivals before anyone else, or, signing up gives them the opportunity to become part of a loyalty programme. Any retailer can offer money off a potential customer’s first order, but the goal should be to retain customers and maintain their interest in your brand. Let potential subscribers know what they can expect from providing their email address.

How To Build Up Your Email List
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People are looking for information, on a daily basis. Think about producing informative documents or content that people can download to get more information about a certain topic. In exchange, ask for their email address before giving them the opportunity to download any content.

Sign-Up Sheets

Whether you’re exhibiting at an event or trade show, or interacting with consumers from your physical storefront, collecting email addresses in the form of a simple sign-up sheet can quickly transform the value of your email lists. People can only say no, and if they supply you with their details, its because they want to hear from you.

How To Build Up Your Email List
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Utilise Business Cards

If you’re attending a networking event or a trade show and meeting people face to face, get their business card and offer them yours. A business card carries a potential contact’s phone number, physical address, job title and email address. You can begin to build a profile of your recipients if you have the right level of information to hand.

How To Build Up Your Email List

Encourage Opt-Ins on your Website

If you have a website, you should include a newsletter sign-up option within its design. People that visit your site and choose to receive communication from you are qualified leads, especially if they opt in without doing so because you’ve offered them an incentive. If you have an online store, ensure that you have an opt-in process during the checkout process so that customers purchasing on your website can let you know they’re happy to receive emails from your business.

Utilise Social Media

Social media allows you to connect with customers and start conversations with them. If your Facebook page experiences a good level of engagement and has a strong following, add a sign-up form or encourage people to visit your website and sign-up. If they’re following your social activity, you already have their interest and engagement.

How To Build Up Your Email List

Sharing is Caring

Encourage your subscriber to forward and share your email newsletters. Include social sharing buttons or “forward to a friend” buttons within your campaigns. That way, you can potentially gain access to their friends or colleagues in an attempt to expand your reach and enhance your list.

Ask for Feedback

People like to offer information on topics they are interested in. Ask your customers questions about their experiences with your brand, whether that be in the form of a survey where you ask for ways that you can improve or a simple review after a customer has made a purchase. Again, if they have taken the time to engage with your business in these ways, the chances are they’d be happy to receive email contact from you.

Utilise A Blog

If you don’t currently make use of a blog, then its something we would recommend looking into. Posting regular content through a blog can help you increase your search engine ranking. It can also allow you to collect blog subscriber information that over time can be transformed into email recipients.

How To Build Up Your Email List

Partner Up

Partnering with another brand that obviously bears some relevance to your business can allow you to target a new but appropriate audience. If the relationship allows, use this partnership to direct people back to your website and prompt them to sign up to your newsletter list.

The key to building up a qualified following is to constantly offer your recipients fresh and engaging content. Easier said than done when you’re trying to run a business at the same time. It’s great to have a healthy and sizeable list in terms of numbers but ensuring you are communicating with the right people is critical to both your marketing efforts and your business as a whole.

Take the time to cleanse your email lists, even if that means cutting down the numbers. Most email marketing platforms offer you data and insights into how each of the campaigns you send out have performed. You can harvest data on the number of people that have opened an email, the number of people that have clicked a link and even the number of times a certain person has opened the same email. Use these statistics to your advantage and separate and segment your lists accordingly.

Keep a list for that pot of customers that regularly open your campaigns, even if that’s a small percentage of your overall database. These are people that have remained loyal and interested in what you have to say.

Quantity over quality.

If you’re interested in learning more about email marketing or need help with your customer reach, feel free to get in touch with us today to see how we can assist you.