How To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

How To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Any business owner will tell you the one thing that they’re looking for is to get more customers. In order to get more customers, a business’ visibility is vital and in turn driving more website traffic can go a long way to realising that initial ambition.

There are various ways you can increase your website traffic and here are just a few…

Utilise Social Media

How To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

It’s really not enough to get a website up and running and sit back and hope that people come to you – you have to be proactive. One of the best ways to increase traffic to your site is to use social media channels to promote your content. Currently 2.38 billion people use Facebook and approximately 1 billion are active on Instagram. Now think about how you, personally, use and check your social media accounts and it should inspire you to think about the opportunities for growth via these platforms.

It doesn’t just present you with the opportunity to reach a wider audience but it can also project your brand across a variety of different platforms.

Posting content with links to your website is a great place to start – direct people to your “New Arrivals” category, give them a link to a page where you can capture more information about them or share blog posts that link back to your website. These relatively quick and simple processes can increase traffic and your reputation.

If you want to take it a step further, link to your products from Facebook and Instagram. Both platforms have made it easier to showcase your products and align your social channels with your web presence.

Instagram offers the product tagging option where a product image links through to the page on your website where that particular product sits – all the website visitor has to do is add that product to their shopping cart and complete their purchase. In two quick clicks, they’ve gone from accessing your Instagram feed, to ordering from your store.

Google Adwords

How To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Paying for advertising space on Google has long been a big driver for website traffic. Google has changed over the years but the bones are still the same. You create an ad, you choose the audience and you set the budget.

It’s important to think about who your potential customers are and what they might be searching for on Google in order to find your business. Once you have that in place you can choose keywords or search phrases relevant to your business and place bids in order to ensure your ad visibility outdoes that of your competitors.

Managing an ad campaign through Google requires time, effort and ongoing maintenance but the rewards you can reap are definitely worth the investment, both financially and in terms of your own time.

Email Marketing

How To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Email marketing is still a valuable investment-worthy tool. Even the most moderate of email send-outs can result in a significant upturn in website traffic as long as you’re presenting your email subscribers with content that interests them.

Define clear call-to-actions with links back to your website, and keep in mind that once you see an increase in traffic it doesn’t mean you should start emailing more regularly.

Keep a level of consistency in how often you send email campaigns so that your subscribers can get used to receiving communication from you. If you look at the reports that most email marketing providers will give you, you can start to get a good idea of how people are interacting with your campaigns and make informed decisions on how often you should send and at what time etc..

Don’t be afraid to start off with a “welcome” newsletter for people that have recently opted in to receive emails from you. In an attempt to build that relationship with potential new customers, you can offer an incentive for them to subscribe, let them know what they’re going to get by opting in to receive communication from you – whether it’s a preview of upcoming products or services, a percentage off their first order, or information that is going to be of value to them – be sure to present them with an engaging reason to submit their email address.

Affiliate Marketing

How To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Not everyone likes the idea of affiliate marketing, but they can provide you with a great channel to raise awareness of your brand and increase your website visibility.

In essence, you’re hiring an affiliate and paying them a commission to bring you website visits, but the positive thing is that you only pay them if one of those web visitors converts into a sale on your website.

Remember to keep in mind that although you’re paying a commission, affiliate marketing has proven to be very popular and successful for a huge amount of businesses. If you want steady, qualified traffic, it’s definitely worth considering.

We worked with a retail fashion business in the UK where we suggested affiliate marketing as an option for increasing website visits and revenue, however the business owners needed some convincing as they hadn’t researched it as a viable marketing channel or had any prior knowledge of how it actually worked.

In the end, they were bold enough to let us trial it for three months. It took us one month before we saw any significant increase in traffic or sales, however in the second month, we tweaked the products we were advertising and once the increase in traffic started it never stopped. In this case, affiliate marketing ended up being responsible for about 20% of the business’ revenue each month.

TV and Radio Advertising

How To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Some might be of the opinion that traditional mediums of advertising such as radio and TV are “old school” and cost a fortune. Quite simply, this isn’t the case. Over 90% of us listen to the radio every day and one in four of us do so while being online. That’s a massive opportunity to present a brand.

Taking radio as our first channel – radio stations now spend a large amount of time and money researching their audiences, and you can work with a station to select a time-slot that appeals exclusively to your target audience.

Remember to put together an advert that gets the core message of what you do across and advertises your web address or better yet, advertise a search term you rank #1 for – over time, that would boost your search engine ranking.

The same set of tips can be used for TV. Obviously you have a more visual opportunity but any local, regional or national TV channel will be able to give you information on their audience and how it might connect with your target demographic.

Take the time to put together an ad that is visually appealing and includes a clear call to action for viewers to follow.

SMS Marketing

How To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

The influx of mobile technology in recent years has provided marketers with a lot more flexibility in terms of channels available to them to reach their customers.

Given that an estimated 2.5 billion people own a smartphone across the world, it makes logical sense to utilise SMS to reach your audience. Our phones have become a vital part of our morning, afternoon and evening whether we like it or not, and when you take into account that SMS messages sent have a 98% open rate, that logical sense can look more like a necessity for a business.

Despite being limited to a certain amount of characters, the SMS space allows you to provide your customer with relevant information. You might not have enough room to say as much as you really want to but you can include a link that drives traffic to a website page where you can say so much more!

Utilise A Company Blog

How To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

When we spoke about using social media earlier in this article, we touched on sharing blog posts via those channels. Writing blog articles with strategic content that links to areas of your website is another way to get traffic to your site.

Put together well-structured content that is optimised and relevant to what your audience may be interested in. Website users aren’t always just looking to purchase products, they are also interested in arming themselves with information before making a purchase. A blog is a great way to tick that box.

It’s important to think about your audience and who is going to read your blog. If you write about what your audience wants to read, it increases the likelihood that users may share that content with their peers, which can bring you a whole new set of website visitors.

If you are going to try and utilise your blog to increase traffic, it’s vital you keep content fresh and maintain it as often as possible. You don’t want to write one or two great articles that get a good level of engagement and then take that for granted by not writing anything for six months. This will disengage you from your audience’s minds and contradict your reasoning for attempting to use your blog in the first place.

Final Thoughts

The main thing to always keep in mind is that traffic will fluctuate from month to month. You don’t have to carry out all of the processes we’ve mentioned in this article, you can try one or two for a quarter and then analyse the results before moving on to trying something new.

Whatever you do try, though, remember to keep your audience as informed of any changes with regard to your website, as much as the goal is to increase your web traffic and attract new customers, don’t take your existing customers for granted in the meantime.

If you’d like to find out more about any of the topics we’ve covered in this, or any other article, contact us today to see how we can help you.