Spotlight: MacDonald & Cammac Machinery

Spotlight: MacDonald & Cammac Machinery

MacDonald & Cammac Machinery (MCM) have been successfully selling and buying used machinery equipment in New Zealand for over 50 years.

In 2017, Cybera Digital got the opportunity to re-design and re-platform the company’s website, as the company felt they needed something more “visual” to maintain a competitive edge.

There were many technical challenges with this project, including the integration of an in-house legacy product database that couldn’t be easily integrated with any online solution.

The Problem

MCM approached Cybera Digital because their existing site wasn’t very modern or visual, and they wanted to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

They also wanted customers to be able to submit quote requests through the website that they could turn into sales/leads.

The Solution

Working in collaboration with MCM, Cybera Digital re-designed the look and feel of the site to be more “visual”, displaying the products in a more usable and modern “catalogue” fashion.

The evolution of MacDonald & Cammac Machinery (2000-2017)

To initially get the products into the system, Cybera Digital developed a method that would import all of the existing product photos and associate them with the correct products, with some search engine optimisation built-in — for more than 1,650 items!

Other features included:

  • Multi-level categories (they previously only went one level deep),
  • Search product by SKU,
  • “Sell your Machinery” feature,
  • Submit quote requests instead of Checkout

WordPress/WooCommerce is our speciality, and developing with these platforms allowed us to add custom functionality to meet all of the users’ needs.

The Results

The site has now been running for 2 years, and the results have been astounding, with MCM seeing quote request submissions increase substantially, leading to much greater annual sales overall.

The “Sell your Machinery” feature introduced by Cybera Digital has also been a success, encouraging dialogue between the company and an audience they may not have anticipated.

2019 Upgrades

Due to the system’s continued success, at the start of 2019 we upgraded MCM’s hosting to keep up with email usage and web traffic demand.

Although the website was already extremely quick, due to the hosting upgrade it is now twice as fast and can handle twice as many visitors.


  • WordPress CMS
  • WooCommerce
  • Custom import development
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Cybera Hosting (with CloudFlare)