What’s a style guide, and how can one help your brand?

What’s a style guide, and how can one help your brand?

A brand style guide is your owner’s manual on how to visually represent your brand. This document is the heart and soul of your business, reflecting your mission, vision and values, and translating them into design.

A style guide should include your logo, colour scheme, and your tone of voice, as well as all the other components that make your business unique.

What's a style guide, and how can one help your brand?
Jamie Oliver Brand Book

Style guides are essential to crafting a cohesive and consistent brand, both in the eyes of your customers and your employees. It is one of the most essential documents any business can have.

Here’s why brand style guides are such a vital tool for your company, your employees, and the agencies that work with you.

An Element of Consistency

The primary purpose of a style/usage guide is to ensure all messaging and brand asset use is on-point and consistent. Walmart Corporate Brand Guidelines is a great example of this.

Above all, the guidelines should align with a company’s vision and mission. For any business, consistency is a sign of professionalism, representing stability in your brand and building trust in the community.

What's a style guide, and how can one help your brand?

You want your clientele to see this from the beginning, but you don’t necessarily have to be as exhaustive as larger corporations with their brand guidelines.

You should take the time to establish a foundation that guides your messaging, and you should ensure that it aligns with your business goals and the needs of your target audience.

Set the right tone

Developing a voice and tone for your company means thinking about how you want your customers to feel.

Spend time considering the problems you solve for them. Develop a deep understanding of the ways they might be feeling, and then craft a voice that responds to those feelings.

The tone and voice described in your style guide document will reflect messaging throughout all touch points including multimedia marketing (web, social, email, TV, radio, print), in-store language, phone call etiquette, and more.

Mailchimp Voice and Tone Style Guide
Specifying voice and tone in Mailchimp’s content style guide

When your voice and customers needs are in alignment, customers will feel like they are being understood and taken care of. They will be much more confident that you are the best solution for them and will advocate for you in the future.

Seeing is believing

Let’s be honest, not everyone reads every word on a page. In fact, Nielsen Norman Group carried out a study that show people typically only read about 20% of the text on a page. With that in mind, we experience the content based on how it looks and feels.

Create a consistent visual experience no matter where the customer interacts with your brand. This will provide cues to your audience that remind them what your company does.

Afterpay brand presentation
How to represent the Afterpay brand on your website

Check out some examples of brand style guides by reading Canva’s post, “50 Meticulous Style Guides Every Startup Should See Before Launching“.

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