Custom web build for for Green Scientific


Green Scientific originally approached Cybera Digital to help improve their search engine rankings in mid-2017.

They had been in business for a couple of years already but weren't seeing any improvement with regards to search engine ranking.

After some analysis, it was determined that their current website was under-performing in many ways (leading to customer frustration and loss of sales) and, in order to improve the search rankings, the web site would need to be re-developed.


Design and development work began in mid-2018, with Green Scientific heavily involved in the process.

Migrating all of the products was a lengthy and complicated process, as some of the user experience upgrades relied on accurate product import data, or it simply wouldn't work.

This time around we used the Shopify platform, which brought with it its own challenges and limitations, so developing the site the way we knew it had to be built was much more difficult than what we were used to.

In the end we had developed a stable product that Green Scientific and their customers were happy to use, with unique features that helped them stand out from their competitors.


Since the new Green Scientific website launched, search engine rankings have substantially improved and Green Scientific are now overtaking their competitors for the first time.

  • Increased international sales
  • Substantial increase in search engine visibility
  • 37% decrease in bounce rate


  • Brand strategy
  • UX Design (responsive)
  • Custom Web Design & Development
  • E-Commerce enhancements
  • Advanced search engine optimisation and rank tracking
  • Ongoing usage tracking and analysis

Case Study

Read our in-depth Green Scientific Case Study for more information on this project.

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